Thanks to a reinvention and the UbiArt engine, Rayman has never been more beloved. Gorgeous to look at, Fiesta Run continues the run of enjoyable platform romps, though it does borrow heavily from Jungle Run before it.

Simplicity is the key, starting with a 'touch to jump' requirement as you dash through the first level. New gameplay mechanics are introduced as you progress through the 72 levels, meaning by the later ones you'll be enjoying all of Rayman's skills such as hovering - by holding the screen after a jump - or punching - by tapping the right side of the screen - and it'll be closer to a console based experience than when it starts.

The aim of the game is to grab Lums as you progress through a stage, up to a maximum of 100. These are used as currency to unlock playable characters and paintings from the gallery. You don't have to collect everything, and grinding the levels is an option, or you could buy them via in-app purchases - thankfully these aren't invasive at all. You can also use them for boosting abilities - for example, one will show you the critical path to get everything on a given level.

Visual design and the audio are taken from Rayman Legends, which is no bad thing since that was a gem of a game, and the invaded (alternative, trickier) versions of levels appear if you perfect the original, too. It's safe to say that this is designed to be a companion to Legends; especially given that it's just as well designed.

Some games just feel like they are a perfect fit for a device, and Rayman Fiesta Run is an example that proves the point. Lowering the barrier of entry to simple touch based controls, this is casual gaming done right: inclusive, immediate, and great fun.

Version tested: iPad 3. Played for 4 hours.