Pokemon sun and moon screenshots

Coming back to Pokémon after twenty years 

The phenomenon that was Pokémon Go may have been a poor game in the eyes of Colm but it did rekindle his interest in the series that he held so dear as a young Corkonian. 

In his own words, it felt right to revisit the world of Pocket Monsters with Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Let's Play Pokémon Sun (or Moon) YouTuber Edition

Seeing as it'd been two decades since Colm had played a Pokémon game, it felt right to capture it on camera like when YouTubers sit at their desks in bad lighting and have jump cuts all th-know what I mean?

Why Pokémon is actually for adults

Miller is big enough to admit when he's wrong and it may have taken some time but he's finally seen the light. Pokémon isn't for babies.