While I have an interest in hip-hop, I would say my knowledge trivia-wise is limited. If you were to ask me questions on Metallica - or all things metal - on the other hand... well... events would go differently.

Why, then, you may ask yourself, have I decided to review Hip-Hop Trivia: Starring Murs? My counter to you would be, why not?

A standard question/answer affair, you spin a wheel to decide on a category before Murs gives you a bit of info on the trials and tribulations you're about to face. Get it right and you'll earn some cold hard cash. Get it wrong and the opposite happens.

It's the most basic of templates (as you'd assume), the highlight being when the star of the show, for no apparent reason, turns up in a different set of clothes depending on which genre you get. When the dial landed on mainstream, for example, he appeared on-screen in a suit and sunglasses. And then told me what mainstream music was. Whatever works for you, Murs...

The whole thing is oddly entertaining, though, despite being nothing more than a music-themed game show. If you want to break it down as far as possible - or at least find the most accessible comparison - it's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: Hip-Hop Edition. Instead of Chris Tarrant, however, you have a far more entertaining and, at times, insane host. Who throws money at you. And gets a little upset when you don't succeed.

Given how diverse the questions are - you'll go from easy zingers about Dr. Dre and the NWA to hardcore conundrums about the independent scene - there should be enough here to challenge most, and to be honest, you should probably already know if you want this. It's like those annoying Ronseal adverts: it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Version tested: iOS on iPhone 5. Played for 40 minutes.