The final part of the Los Perdidos stories DLC is here, and while it still isn't up to much it's thankfully nowhere near as bad as the last one. Focusing on ZDC agent Brad Park rather than the fundamentally dislikable Hunter from part 3 means that it can't help but look good in comparison, and there are a few enjoyable new weapons on show. Chief among these is the railgun, which not only explodes groups of zombies in a way that will bring a smile back to the face of anyone that ever played Quake III, but also kills the curiously-durable human enemies in one hit.

That aside, however, it's very much the worst of Dead Rising making up the rest of the piece. Brad isn't an engaging lead for most of the running time, and as usual you'll be doing more fetching than a dog out on a walk with Chev Chelios. Again, not terrible in theory. But, again, the things you're fetching aren't very interesting.

It's Go here. Get this. Wait a while. Come back. And when it's not being dull, it's being infuriatingly imprecise. Go to a dance studio, it tells you. No, not that way, despite what the mission marker is saying. Don't go through the door, silly. Climb on a truck, jump to an adjacent rooftop, and then drop in via a balcony. Of course.

And then there are the usual complaints, like on the city's main roads being blocked off, making navigation, already difficult because of the hordes of zombies, more difficult than it needs to be. Picking up items is still harder than landing a helicopter on a rope bridge made out of surface-to-air missile launchers. Put all of these elements together and you've got an experience that doesn't do nearly enough to warrant either your cash or your time.

Played for 3 hours.