The fact that Michael Myers is in this DLC is the best and worst thing about it. Best because when someone becomes Myers on the Fog map, that theme begins playing. It's a genuine moment of tension: he's fast and lethal, and watching players scatter like terrified teenagers (which they invariably are) is funny, for a while.

Worst because although there's slight historical precedent for his inclusion - previous games had an unofficial 'Michael Myers', or zombie gametype - it just seems desperate.

Still, it's popular: more so than the other options, which all feel like photocopies of other, older entries. One - Ignition - actually is a like-for-like recreation of Modern Warfare 2's Scrapyard. Not much has changed, and on the whole this is the same thing you loved or hated back in 2009.

Containment recalls Black Ops' Convoy, right down to a central, vehicle-filled overpass where most of the action takes place. This time, one of the vehicles is emitting radiation, which, er, stops your minimap from working.

It's the worst of the lot, with overgrowth and listless brown textures encouraging campers. The BayView stage isn't too far behind: yes, you can ride a cable car around, but you'll soon get bored of that. As you will the rest of it: somewhat reminiscent of Black Ops 2's Zoo, it's got a nice mixture of high and low vantage and choke points, but is generally too boxy and camper-happy to really entertain.

Of the competitive multiplayer offerings then, Fog is by far the best. Like a smaller, spookier version of Whiteout - think winding tunnels that connect the sides of the map - it's both immediate and filled with tactical opportunities. Sadly, no matter which level you play, you'll spend a lot of time screaming at the new Maverick weapon. Grossly overpowered, the automatic version (it can also be used as a sniper rifle) is like dealing with the MP40 all over again.

On balance, the new Extinction map is probably the best thing here: cohesive and rewarding, it's everything the main game isn't these days.

Version Tested: Xbox One. Played for 4 hours.