Battlefield 1 Review

Battlefield 1 Review
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Battlefield 1’s Operations mode perfectly captures the chaos of war

DICE’s shooter sets itself apart with its spectacular sense of scale, argues Dave.

Here, he explains why Operations is one of the best multiplayer modes ever and how he just can’t get enough of crash-landing airships.

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In Battlefield 1, DICE has made its best single-player game in years

It took the Battlefield studio a bit of time to get it right, but finally it has made an enjoyable shooter campaign again.

Tom explains why Battlefield 1’s campaign is worthy of your time.

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‘Did DICE treat pigeons with respect?’ – Your Battlefield 1 questions answered

The answers to everything you (apparently) wanted to know about Battlefield 1. Can you customise moustaches? Wear jet packs? And have the pigeons been treated responsibly?

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World class multiplayer and an original, successful approach to single-player make Battlefield 1 the shooter to beat this Christmas.
9 The best looking shooter on PS4 & Xbox One Dynamic destruction and terrain deformation is excellent Single-player and multiplayer both superb; WW1 setting refreshing Occasional glitches and performance issues