Unique to its genre, CRUSH flips traditional gameplay on its head and creates a valuable new gaming experience that is wholly suited to the PSP. Set within a complex, hypnotic 3D world, players can crush to form simple 2D platforms, unlock secrets and then back again, to solve otherwise impossible challenges.

Objects and their importance:

Whilst Danny is undergoing Dr. Reubens' C.R.U.S.H therapy he has the ability to navigate between 2D and 3D to help unlock the secret to his long suffering insomnia. However, there are certain rules that he must adhere to whilst in this hypnotic state and certain objects that he can use:

Block Types:

  • Solid Blocks: Can be stood on, but not walked through. Danny cannot crush against solid blocks.
  • Hollow Blocks: Can be stood on and walked through. These are the only blocks Danny can cross in a top-down crush.
  • Ghost Blocks: Can't be stood on but can be walked and fallen through. Ghost blocks will appear as holes through the ground in a top-down crush.
  • Moving Blocks: Very useful for helping to get to otherwise inaccessible parts of levels. Sometimes hidden switches will activate moving blocks, so Danny must keep an eye out for them.
  • Fragile Blocks: Will appear to be a cracked and pitted solid block, but will crumble away quickly if Danny puts any weight on it.


Danny has the power to push these around levels and there are a variety of them: Balls, Rollers, Octaballs and Octorollers. Interestingly, the Rollers and Octorollers have ghost variations and can be crushed to create 2D tunnels through solid objects.