The Zone of the Enders HD Collection will be released this autumn for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Konami has announced.

The collection features Zone of the Enders and its sequel Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner - both originally developed by Kojima Productions for the PlayStation 2 - now re-mastered with HD visuals.

The games are set against a backdrop of interplanetary wars, fought by mech robots and their pilots.

"We are looking forward to bringing the legendary Zone of the Enders series to old and new fans in a high definition form," said Martin Schneider, general manager for Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH. "We are excited to offer these games on new platforms which will allow gamers to experience the drama and action of the Zone of the Enders like they have never seen it before."

Konami did a good job with the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection so we're hoping for a similarly good HD job with Zone of the Enders.