Black Widow has announced the development of 'They Hunger: Lost Souls'. If the name rings a bell then it's because Black Widow is the team behind several Half-Life mods including USS Darkstar, 'They Hunger' trilogy and Underworld Bloodlines. 'They Hunger: Lost Souls' will be Black Widow's first commercial PC game and it will be powered by the Source engine. Despite being based on their trilogy of 'They Hunger' mods, the new game promises to include "a completely new horror-survival adventure."

You play a tourist who is recovering from a tragic car accident in North-Eastern Europe. You seek shelter in an ancient monastery that has become overrun by bloodthirsty zombies and become involved in an "escalading cascade of calamities." Sounds interesting.

"They Hunger: Lost Souls is a first-person action game planned to take full advantage of the superior graphics, physics and new gameplay possibilities provided by the new Source technology," said designer Neil Manke. "Without the previous technical restrictions of the now seven years old Half-Life 1 engine, we have been able to produce a brand new game far more exciting and creative than any simple sequel or remake could ever be. Fans of the original series should still recognize the basic gameplay style, although this is an independent story with no previous knowledge required."

'They Hunger: Lost Souls' is said to be 75% complete after a year of secretive development and a release date will be announced shortly.