Konami has announced that Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network title Zombie Apocalypse will be released as part of next week's updates to the respective stores.

In Zombie Apocalypse players are dropped into an epic battle against the living dead. As gamers set forth on their mission to conquer zombies, they can choose from up to 11 diverse weapons including assault rifles, flamethrowers and teddy bears filled with C4 explosives. For up close and personal encounters, players also have access to a chainsaw.

The game features seven environments in which players must fight their way through 55 days of zombie attacks without becoming a brainless zombie. All the action can also be enjoyed cooperatively by up to four players, either locally or online.

Zombie Apocalypse will be available on September 23 on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points and September 24 on PlayStation Network for $9.99.