The developer behind The Elder Scrolls Online has posted up a job opening for a Core Tech Programmer, which will see the successful candidate helping to create 'an exciting new IP' for ZeniMax Studios Online (via Resetera).

There's not much else known about the mystery project right now as you can imagine, as it's still early days. Still, it's interesting to note that the position favours experience with multiple formats, specifically PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.

The job also calls for at least four years of experience in software development, and the applicant must have at least one game shipped that credits them as a programmer.  The 'desired skill' meanwhile is targeted at 'MMO development experience.'

Given that the project is a new IP we can safely rule out a new Elder Scrolls title, although ZeniMax is still busy supporting its fantasy MMORPG some four years after launch.

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