Reports of a The Legend of Zelda title at the launch of the NX suddenly appear much more believable after the same source correctly identified the codename for the then unannounced Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Last week a NeoGAF user named Trevelyan9999 claimed to have been given access to Nintendo's internal US marketing budget and scheduling, with a new Pokemon game codemaned Niji due this holiday.

Since then Pokemon Sun and Moon have been announced, but Gematsu has noticed that the game's official artworks carry the filenames, Niji_A_logo and Niji_B_logo. Thus, you have to assume the NeoGAF poster genuinely has some good info.

Excitingly, Trevelyan9999 posted that The Legend of Zelda NX will be be a launch title for the NX this holiday, day and date with the Wii U game, or launch ever so slightly later in new system's launch window. The rest of the NX launch line-up remains a secret.

The forum post also claimed that Nintendo has put aside a Wii U marketing budget of $34.5 million, $10 million of which is set to be spent on pushing The Legend of Zelda Wii U. However, release timing could see this $10 million used on the NX edition instead.

Look out for more info on the NX later this year.

Source: Gematsu