Watch Dogs players have already racked up over a decade's worth of playtime since the game's release, according to Ubisoft's latest statistics.

11 years, 87 days, 45 hours and 59 minutes had been spent playing the game at the time of writing, with over 76 million crimes stopped and 50% of Chicago under surveillance by the majority of players.

That's the same amount of time as it took a sheep farmer to build this elaborate Hobbit House.

The stats were revealed by Watch Dogs' Global Profiler which tracks in-game activity across the world. Players have also been hacked by online invaders over 25 million times, with 41 million uses of Nitro being used in the game's online multiplayer.

Watch Dogs launched in late May and went down a hit with consumers, becoming the fastest-selling game in Ubisoft's history. A sequel - possibly featuring a new lead character - seems a certainty.