Your PS Plus games for July are Absolver and Heavy Rain

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Next week will be the first week of July, which means it's time for PlayStation to announce the next batch of gaming goodness that will be thrown in for free with a PlayStation Plus subscription. 

First up is Absolver, an online combat RPG that sees you taking control of a Prospect, who must prove themselves worthy of joining the Absolvers through many trials of combat. The other offering is David Cage's 2010 adventure and meme generator Heavy Rain, that sees you control a number of protagonists as you investigate a serial killer known as The Origami Killer.

Also for this month is PlayStation 3 offerings Rayman HD and Extreme Exorcism and PS Vita games Space Overlords and Zero Time Dilemna and will be available to download on July 3 when June's offerings of XCOM 2 and Trials Fusion are retired from the service.

However, July's offerings will join Call of Duty Black Ops 3 which is currently on the service as a free bonus from E3 and as such will remain on PlayStation Plus a little longer than the other June games, until July 11.



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Heavy Rain

  • Release Date: February 23, 2010
    • - 01 March 2016 (PlayStation 4)
    • - 26 February 2010 (PlayStation 3)
  • Platform(s): PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4
  • Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Third Person
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