Lionhead Studios and Activision have announced The Movies Online, a community in which all wannabe directors get to share their work. When the game ships this autumn the site will launch a film festival as well as hosting regular awards and competitions. A prop shop and additional downloads will also be available from the site to help with your movie making.

Gamers will be able to upload their movies to The Movies Online from within the game. Once uploaded visitors will be able to watch you film and post comments on your motion picture. As an incentive to share you work, those film-makers which receive the most praise for their work will see their reputation rise and earn virtual credits, with which new upgrades and extra content can be purchased. It is currently unclear whether or not all versions of the game will support The Movies Online, but we will let you know when we find out.

The Movies and now The Movies Online look great and I can't wait to get movie making.