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by on Jul 24, 2018

Xbox Scarlett will reportedly feature hardware and cloud-based variations

The new Xbox project currently in the works at Microsoft will reportedly ship in two models at some point in 2020, reports Thurrott.

According to the website, the new system, which is reportedly codenamed Scarlett, will arrive in a traditional hardware model capable of playing games in the usual manner, although right now it's unknown just how much horsepower it will be packing under the hood.

Interestingly, Microsoft is also planning on releasing a cloud-based variation as a cheaper option for consumers. It'll allow for controller inputs, displaying images on a screen, and collision detection.

This version is apparently known as Scarlett Cloud and will be pretty light on actual hardware as described above, being less powerful than the regular machine. The report further notes that it will run one part of a game on the actual hardware, while the majority of the donkey work is handed over to the cloud.

Furthermore, Scarlett Cloud is reportedly further along in development than the traditional hardware version of Microsoft's next Xbox. 

The format holder is also reportedly planning on getting titles for Scarlett up and running on both the regular hardware model and its Cloud-based counterpart.

Obviously, this should all be taken with a huge pinch of salt at present, as the only thing we know officially is that Big Phil and co are working on 'new consoles.'


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