Xbox One indie game Below is not a true platform-exclusive and will be released for other platforms after a period of time, developer CAPY has confirmed.

"Hey folks! It might seem like ages ago, but E3 was crazy for us. Phil Spencer walked out on stage at Microsoft's press conference in a CAPY shirt and introduced a teaser trailer for our newest game, Below. Later that week we showed another trailer for Below as a part of HORIZON (which was the greatest). The reaction from fans, press and colleagues was amazing - we're so glad that you're all as excited about Below as we are," wrote CAPY's Nathan Vella & Kris Piotrowski.

The pair added: "However, because of the way the game was announced & discussed in the press, there was naturally a little bit of confusion after the dust settled. And that confusion stuck around. So, to clear things up, we wanted to take a quick second and answer your number one question:

"Like many games on stage at E3, Below will be available on the Xbox One first. Then, after a period of time, CAPY can bring it elsewhere. It's always been this way."

CAPY went on to praise Microsoft Studios, something which hasn't been all that common amongst indie devs in recent months.

"Working with Microsoft Studios has been great, and they deserve real kudos for putting our dreamy roguelike-inspired game of exploration and discovery in the spotlight at E3... and we are certain they'll continue to do more of that going forward," wrote the pair. "This clarification is about answering our fans, and shouldn't reflect negatively on Microsoft or Xbox One - they've been the biggest CAPY supporters out there."

Timed exclusives are pretty commonplace and some would argue that getting a popular game first is as good as being a true exclusive anyway - providing the game is exclusive for a substantial period of time.