Xbox One promises to revolutionise online multiplayer matchmaking with its new Smart Match system, but how does it differ to the systems in place on current consoles? Microsoft has detailed three reasons why you should be excited about what Smart Match offers.

Firstly, Smart Match uses "advanced algorithms to pair players based on skill, language, and now reputation", says Mike Lavin, Xbox Live senior product marketing manager.

"The advanced party system goes far beyond the beacons of Xbox 360, which was limited to people you already knew," writes Lavin. "Helping you discover and connect easily with players is now central to the experience. In addition, for the first time, games will be able to share player stats with Xbox Live and each other; to learn, evolve, and provide you with the best possible matchmaking available."

It means games now have the "ability to match you with other players based on reputation, skill, language, age, and even your specific gameplay style."

Secondly, Smart Match promises to free up your time.

"You can do whatever you want while Xbox One finds your perfect match," explains Lavin. "This means that less popular multiplayer modes and maps that have traditionally taken a long time to find players suddenly become playable. Because Snap mode is a core feature of Xbox One that lets you do two things at once, you no longer have to wait in lobbies while Xbox Live is matchmaking for you. One friend can even set up matches for your whole party."

This means you can use the Xbox One to watch TV, a movie, check a website or even play a digital game while Smart Match is working to prepare your game. And it links in with the third reason why Smart Match will change the way you play: Smart Match will notify you when your game is ready to go.

"Once Xbox One is done finding your perfect match, it will prompt you with a simple toast - no matter where you are or what you're doing - so you can jump straight into playing," says Lavin.

Xbox One and Smart Match will be available in November.