Microsoft has lifted the lid on its [email protected] Program, a new system for indie self-publishing on Xbox One.

The program is the result of meeting with more than 50 developers to discover what they really wanted from self-publishing.

Applications to the [email protected] Program will be open over on from today.

Each registered developer will receive two Xbox One dev kits at no cost, granting access to the full power of the console, cloud services, Kinect and the Xbox Live toolset - Xbox SmartGlass, multiplayer, Achievements and Gamerscore.

Priority Xbox One developer status will be granted to indie devs "who have a proven track record of shipping games on console, PC, mobile or tablet".

There are no application fees and no fees for certification or title updates.

All accepted devs will also receive free support from a global team fronted by [email protected] director Chris Charla.

All self-published titles will be found on the Xbox One Store.

"We know Xbox fans will fall in love with the quality and diversity of games on our platform," Marc Whitten, Xbox Chief Product Officer, said. "We are committed to [email protected] and are fully invested in helping independent developers succeed on Xbox One."

Microsoft EMEA boss Phil Harrison added: "I am really looking forward to the diversity and creativity of games that will come to Xbox One through the [email protected] program. We've worked with the community of developers to craft a platform that helps creators self-publish on Xbox One - irrespective of their size or location."

Source: Eurogamer