has confirmed that the Xbox One FIFA 14 Special Edition bundle will be released on December 13, but stock shortages mean that orders placed today aren't guaranteed to arrive on that date.

The £449.99 bundle includes a 500GB Xbox One, Kinect, FIFA 14 (Download Token), Wireless Controller, Chat Headset and HDMI cable.

This is a £20 premium over the Day One Edition console bundles, but these were always only going to be offered for a limited time.

Regarding availability, Amazon states:

"Customers who order this console up to and including November 18 will receive it for release day."

"Customers who order this console from November 19 may receive it after release day (December 13), but before Christmas."

Your only other option from Amazon is to buy the regular edition console, which launches tomorrow but orders placed from November 13 may not be delivered before Christmas.