Bundling FIFA 14 with Xbox One consoles across Europe is "kind of special" for the people making the game, producer David Rutter has told VideoGamer.com, but doesn't affect EA's relationship with Sony.

"It's great for us, because it enables people to play our game," said Rutter. "The counterpoint to that is it's not unusual for games to be bundled in with a console for whatever reason, but for a launch title to be bundled with a launching title, it's kind of special.

"We're pretty happy, dev team's excited, because it means more people get to play our game."

But what of the knock-on effect relating to EA's relationship with Sony? Rutter says there isn't any issue.

"It doesn't really [affect relationships]," Rutter assured VideoGamer. "In the same way as on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, FIFA Interactive World Cup is a PlayStation exclusive, so we often do partnerships depending on what's going on, so it's not an unusual situation to be in. So FIFA IWC on PS3, if you're into e-sports, or FIFA Ultimate Team Legends on Xbox One or 360.

"We try to do different things with different people."

FIFA 14 will be available at the launch of both the PS4 and Xbox One. See what all the extra processing power has allowed EA to achieve in the new gameplay trailer.