Xbox One will integrate a Twitter-style 'Follow' system, allowing Xbox Live users to follow another player's activity without adding them to their friends list.

The system allows for unlimited followers, Destructoid reports, with the Xbox One friend limit locked at 1,000.

It isn't yet clear what activity will be tracked or how it will be displayed on a player's profile, but expect Played Games, Achievements and Challenges to be included in the system.

In addition to Followers, Microsoft also revealed Xbox One's new Gamerpics (via IGN), which allow for hi-resolution gamer cards to be displayed on players' profiles.

The Gamerpics include a large, hi-res image (including the option to show off your Xbox Live Avatar), your Follow/Follower count, Xbox Live reputation and their Xbox tenure. Around 300 will be available at launch, and you can take a look at an example of one below.

Xbox one gamerpic

Xbox One launches in the UK on November 22.