Speaking to Giant Bomb at E3, Xbox head Phil Spencer responded to Sony's comments about not getting involved in the Minecraft cross-play party that was announced during Microsoft's E3 2017 media briefing.

Spencer said that he would love for players across every platform to be connected, and while remaining cool-headed, seemed to to take umbrage with Sony exec Jim Ryan's comments on the safety of Minecraft players. 'The fact that somebody would make an assertion that somehow we're not keeping Minecraft players safe ... I found, not only from a Microsoft perspective but an industry perspective, I don't know why that has to become the dialogue,' Spencer stated.

'That doesn't seem healthy for anyone. We can always do better with anything we do. I find the whole discussion around safety with our game and that somehow we wouldn't take that as a top priority … and frankly, through our parental controls on Xbox Live and everything else that we've done, shown that that's incredible important to us as a platform.'

Spencer added that there is still a chance for Sony to get involved and allow for cross-play on the PlayStation 4, which would mean PS4 Minecraft players could play with those on PC, Nintendo Switch, mobile, and Xbox One.

During Nintendo's E3 Spotlight presentation, developer Psyonix announced that its hit car football game was coming to Nintendo Switch and, like Minecraft, would have cross platform play, but once again, not on PlayStation 4.

Spencer summed up this entire hoopla by saying, 'My hope is that they join the party as well because I think it's an awesome thing to do for gamers.'

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