Xbox Design Lab
by on Jun 18, 2021

Xbox Design Lab re-opens and now offers personalised Xbox Series X|S controllers

Xbox has announced the return of the Xbox Design Lab, allowing players to order customised controllers complete with optional engravings.

The program originally launched for the Xbox One during E3 2016 and allowed players to create their own controller designs. However, the service was put on hold back in October of last year to prepare for the launch of the Xbox Series X|S console.

Through the special website, users are able to pick from a range of 18 colour options for each part of the controller such as the sticks, bumpers and even the face buttons. For an extra fee, you can also get text etched onto the bottom too.

As part of the relaunch, many of the colour options are now made containing 30% post-consumer recycled materials. Other new additions include a new black-on-colour option for the ABXY buttons and black-on-white for the Menu, View and Share buttons.

The resultant Xbox Series X|S controller costs £59.99 GBP with an extra £7.99 for engraving and free delivery, so it’s actually not that much more than the price of a standard controller either. Xbox Design Lab is available now in the UK, US, Canada and “most Western EU” countries.  Check out a video for the service for yourself below.



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