The NPD Group has released official North American video game sales figures for the month of July and it's not good for Microsoft. Early predictions had the Xbox 360 at 325,488 units for the month, when actual sales came in much lower at 204,800 units. While the PS3 was also way down on early estimates, its 224,900 units was more than enough to top the Xbox 360.

Once again it was the Wii and Nintendo DS which dominated sales, shifting 555,000 units and 608,400 units respectively. Elsewhere the PlayStation 2 sold 155,500 units and the PSP 221,700 units.

Although losing out to Sony in the monthly hardware race, Microsoft did claim a slight victory in the software chart, with the month's biggest titles selling most on the Xbox 360.

NCAA Football 09 from EA was the month's biggest seller, moving 397,600 units on Xbox 360, compared to only 242,500 units on PS3. Namco Bandai's SoulCalibur IV charted at No.6 on Xbox 360 with 218,900 units sold, while the PS3 version was new at No.9 with 155,800 units.

Wii Fit continues its worldwide success, selling a further 369,600 units, followed by Guitar Hero: On Tour (309,700 units) and Wii Play (284,000 units). Mario Kart Wii is at No.7 (174,500 units) and Rock Band Wii is at No.8 (165,800 units). Rounding off the top 10 is 2K's Civilization Revolution on Xbox 360 (147,600 units).