The Xbox 360 is the best-selling home games console in the UK - or at least it will be in a few days - GfK Chart-Track has told MCV.

8.4 million Xbox 360s have now been sold across the UK since it launched eight years ago, and continues to outsell rival platforms.

"This is an historic milestone and our sincere thanks goes to each and every person that has bought and enjoyed Xbox 360 over the past eight years," Director of Xbox and entertainment Harvey Eagle told MCV.

"As you saw at E3 earlier this month, we announced a new Xbox 360 form factor and we are committed to ensuring Xbox 360 remains the best place to play games, connect with friends and enjoy your entertainment. You'll see great exclusive content coming not only to Xbox 360, but also to Xbox One later this year."

Xbox 360's successor, Xbox One, is due to launch this November.

The Xbox 360 has quite a way left to go if it is to overtake the 10 million figure set by the PS2, but a few more years and an affordable price could see it happen.

Let's not forget that at least 50 per cent* of these Xbox 360 sales are from people replacing their broken consoles, #amirite?

*This statistic is totally fabricated.

Source: MCV