Microsoft Studios' Deadlight, announced earlier this year by independent developer Tequila Works, will provide around a six hour experience, the studio's creator director Raúl Rubio has told

"Deadlight is a narrative driven experience, its story goes back to the character. Randall's inner journey will give an average of six hours for the main adventure experience," explained Rubio.

And we should expect those six hours to be up there with anything offered in the retail triple-A space.

"Best quality no matter the size," assured Rubio. "Assets and productions are top quality; instead of AAA, we prefer to describe Deadlight as a handcrafted game."

And all this handcrafting won't mean a triple-A price, with Rubio confirming the game will carry "an XBLA price".

Deadlight will be released this summer for Xbox LIVE Arcade. Read more about the game in our extended Q&A with Raúl Rubio.


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