WWE 12 is the biggest shake up of THQ's WWE franchise in years, with the publisher ditching the Smackdown vs Raw title. According to THQ now is the perfect time to give the brand a facelift.

"WWE is on the way back up," THQ's lead games designer Bryan Williams told MCV. "In the summer CM Punk shook the wrestling world up with his incendiary speech. He got ESPN talking, and GQ Magazine interviewed him. With The Rock coming back, he is going to help kick-start an upward tick in WWE ratings.

"The WWE is full steam ahead. It has gone from PG-13 to just PG. And is now more family friendly. It was perfect timing to give the brand a facelift. It was getting a little stale. We want to put the focus back on gameplay."

While THQ might be saying it wants to put the focus back on gameplay, the gameplay didn't seem too hot when we reviewed WWE 12.

WWE 12 is out now on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.


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