Milestone has announced WRC Powerslide, a top-down arcade rally racer due for release on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC in early 2013.

WRC Powerslide is an arcade spin-off of Milestone's core WRC series, featuring "frenetic" arcade physics and handling, and a new "on top camera" similar to arcade racers Wrecked: Revenge Revisited and MotorStorm RC.

Milestone describes the game as a "colorful and smart" racer that will offer players the chance to experience "all the WRC licensed elements with an arcade attitude".

The digital title will include three different modes - Quick Race, WRC Tournaments and 4-Player Multiplayer Quick Race - and eight different rallies.

Collectible power-ups will also let players speed up their rally car, or slow down their competitors.

You can check out the first shots of WRC Powerslide over at our screenshot gallery.

Source: Milestone Press Release