Blizzard is offering users the ability to gain a free level 80 character, with the introduction of the Scroll of Resurrection.

The Scroll allows current members to invite a previously subscribing friend back into the game for a free seven-day period.

Once the friend accepts the invitation and renews their subscription for 30 days of game time, the sender will receive an exclusive Spectral Gryphon or Spectral Wind Rider mount depending on faction.

By accepting the invitation, the recipient will be able to choose one character to boost to level 80. This will include level-relevant class skills and spells, along with a flying mount and riding skill and green quality set of gear.

All previous character gear will be mailed back to the character in-game.

For full information check out the official page.

This is likely to incentivise some of the 100,000 users the MMO recently lost back to the game.