A beta for World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition is taking place on Xbox LIVE this weekend, Wargaming has announced.

Three playtest sessions are scheduled to roll out over the course of the next three days, beginning at 11pm BST tonight.

23:00 BST to 05:00 BST on Friday June 28, 2013

23:00 BST to 05:00 BST on Saturday June 29, 2013

23:00 BST to 05:00 BST on Sunday June 30, 2013

Access to the beta is strictly invite-only, and only available to a select number of players that have previously registered for access. Keys will be dispatched to those selected tonight and tomorrow.

"If you didn't receive an invitation code this time around, don't despair," says Wargaming. "We'll be opening up the beta to more and more players every week so keep your eyes peeled".

Haven't yet signed up for the beta? Head here to register.

Source: wt360e.com