World of Warcraft has 6.8 million paying subscribers as of June 30, a drop of 800,000 since March 31, Activision Blizzard revealed during an earnings call last night.

Back in 2010 the MMO enjoyed a record high subscriber base of 12 million.

"We anticipated fluctuation in subscribership due to seasonality and the fact that the current game content is at the end of its life cycle," explained Michael Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, Inc and president Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.

"And as expected, we did see a decline in subscribers, which mostly came out of the East. This pattern is right in line, percentage-wise, with the drops that we saw at Cataclysm's cycle in Q2 2012. That drop in 2012 was followed by an uptick in subscribers just ahead of Mists of Pandaria's launch. So we're hoping to see players return once we draw closer to the release of Warlords of Draenor later this year."

The upcoming expansion is tracking well with pre-sales, having now exceeded 1.5 million orders. A firm release date will be announced at a Los Angeles Blizzard event on August 14, with the add-on expected to launch later this year.

Source: Seeking Alpha