by on Apr 3, 2020

Windbound, an open-world survival sailing game, is coming to PC and consoles

5 Live Studios and Deep Silver have revealed Windbound, a open-world survival and sailing RPG coming to PC and consoles this year (via Twinfinite).

Our hero, Kara, wakes up on the Forbidden Islands after a storm wrecks her ship. There’s a little of Breath of the Wild here, mixed with Sea of Thieves, and a sprinkling of Dauntless. The uncharted islands are teeming with wildlife and hide mysteries to discover, and the player will need to  hunt, gather, and craft to survive. Crafting also extends to Kara’s seacrafts, which she’ll use to hop from one island to the next island, and these waters may be treacherous. The final shot of the trailer lingers on a glowing portal that silhouettes Kara like a tiny doll, so who knows what’s in store for us. 

Windbound is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and launches on August 28. Watch the announcement trailer below.



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