Well, we didn't see this coming: Willem Dafoe is rumoured to be appearing alongside Ellen Page in Beyond: Two Souls.

BroGamer says that Dafoe will soon be announced as the second star of the Quantic Dream game, citing "a source within the industry".

Willem Dafoe

That's all the information given, but the site seems keen to assert that the claim is legit. If Dafoe is really the second star, does that mean he's voicing Aiden, the ghostly presence that accompanies Ellen Page's Jodie? The phantom didn't speak in the E3 demo.

In recent years Dafoe has been best known for playing The Green Goblin in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films. Other highlights from the scary thesp's career include Platoon, The Life Aquatic, and Antichrist.

He also does the voice of the polar bear in those slightly grating Bird's Eye adverts.

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