The announcement which was made via a flash movie hints that we will hear more information on the game in May, which just so happens to be when E3 takes place. Other than some artwork, the announcement provided very little info about the game. We know that Media Vision is once again the team developing the game, but no release date has been announced. The flash movie did give a brief description of the story.

"The planet named FARGAIA slowly but surely loses its green, and changes to the wasteland... Severe environment and the cruel monsters threatens life, people still hang on the planet. In such a wild world, there are adventurers who ask for a thrill or a dream. People call them "Migratory Bird.""

Wild ARMs 4 is due out in North America tomorrow, but here in Europe no publisher has picked up the rights to the game. The third game is the series did make it to these shores through Ubisoft, but that was two years ago.