A new Wii U Wii Sports Club bundle will be released in Japan on March 27, reports Siliconera.

The bundle was first announced - but largely unreported - back on February 13 during a Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast.

The Instant Play Sports Premium bundle includes a white Wii U 32GB console, Wii Sports Club (Bowling, Gold and Tennis), GamePad, Wii Remote Plus, and a sensor bar. The set will cost 30,000 yen (~£175).

There's no indication that the same bundle will be launched outside of Japan.

Whilst the Wii Sports Wii console bundle was the norm for the console outside of Japan, the hugely successful game was never bundled with the system in Japan.

Wii Sports was, however, a big seller in Japan and it makes perfect sense for Nintendo to try bundling the Wii U version in an effort to kick start console sales in the region.

Source: Siliconera