Nintendo will showcase the final format of its Wii U console and the software line-up, but won't reveal firm release dates or launch pricing, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has said during the firm's year end financial results briefing.

"We will showcase the final format, and discuss the details and the software line-up for this year at E3 2012, which will be held in Los Angeles in the United States in June this year," said Iwata.

He added: "Please also be advised that, as we did for previous platforms that were launched in the year-end sales season, we will announce the launch date and price in each market sometime after E3."

We know the Wii U will launch in the 2012 holiday season, so at this time we're much more interested in seeing what the system is capable of rather than exactly when it will be in stores. Pricing, however, is a more pressing matter, with the Wii U's launch price likely to go some way in determining how successful the platform will be.