Nintendo has revealed that its Wii Sports franchise has notched up combined sales of 57 million units worldwide.

According to figures accurate until the end of September, 2009, Wii Sports has now sold 50.54 million units worldwide (including console pack-ins), while Wii Sports Resort is nearing seven million units at 6.97 million.

Wii Fit has now shifted an impressive 22.5 million units, Wii Play 24.43 million, and Mario Kart Wii 18.36 million. Newly released Wii Fit Plus has shifted 2.13 million units.

On the Nintendo DS, New Super Mario Bros. is edging ever closer to the 20 million milestone, currently standing tantalisingly close at 19.94 million units. Mario Kart DS moved past the 15 million mark with global sales of 16.09 million.