The nominees for the EIF Edge Award at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival have been announced. Eight titles, including Wii Sports, Defcon, Dead Rising and Canis Canem Edit stand a chance of winning, with the winner to be announced on Monday August 13.

"Last year on Edge we played an amazing variety of games. We played with new control interfaces; we played sprawling epics; we played fun diversions; we played with family in the front room; we played with strangers online," said Alex Wiltshire, Deputy Editor of Edge. "Our nominees list reflects the diversity of experiences games can offer, and the diversity of people they can entertain."

The decision of whom the award goes to will be decided by a judging panel comprising of Charles Cecil from Revolution Software, Martin Kenwright of Evolution Studios and Bigbig Studios, games writer and author Steven Poole, Alice Taylor, currently vice president of Digital Content at BBC Worldwide America, and the founder and CEO of Gas Powered Games, Chris Taylor.

Full shortlist:

Bit Generation series (Nintendo)

Wii Sports (Nintendo)

Canis Canem Edit (Rockstar)

Dead Rising (Capcom)

Ôkami (Capcom)

Defcon (Introversion)

Final Fantasy XII (Square Enix)

Test Drive Unlimited (Atari)