Wii Sports Club, the portal into the Wii U versions of the classic Wii Sports titles, will automatically download to Wii U consoles, Nintendo has revealed.

Nintendo says the automatic download will solve the problem of Wii U users finding it "a pain" to activate downloads from the eShop.

"In order to reduce that hassle, if your Wii U is connected to the internet and you have at least 1.3 gigabytes of free space, Wii Sports Club comes in to your Wii U automatically through SpotPass," Nintendo developer Takayuki Shimamura revealed in a new Iwata Asks.

You'll also need to have answered "OK" to a Wii U system update which asked if you would like to automatically receive content via SpotPass.

With Wii Sports Club downloaded players can then start up Tennis or Bowling games and receive 24 hours of free play. Once this expires they can buy each game outright for £8.99 or pay £1.79 for another 24-hours access.

And the automatic downloads won't stop there, with future Wii Sports releases also appearing. Furthermore, when each new sport is released players will receive an additional 24 hour trial in which they can access all games.

Wii Sports Club will release in Europe on November 7 with the Tennis and Bowling games.

Source: Iwata Asks