GRID Autosport isn't releasing on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One because Codemasters wants its first next-gen title "to be something really great", the developer has explained.

Taking to NeoGAF, community manager Ben Walke explained that choosing to ship only on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC "comes down to a few things".

"The first is that we genuinely want our first next gen outing to be something really great, we don't want to have to rush and only put out a handful of tracks," he said. "We've got 22 locations in Autosport, the bulk of those are real world circuits, would all those have made it if we were to support next gen? Doubtful.

"Secondly, we're working our tech for next-gen now, as such, we're not quite ready. Again, we don't want to rush. Thirdly, after GRID 2 we sort of had something to prove, we wanted to leave the 'old gen' with a bit of a bang so to speak."

Walke also revealed that "Next-gen GRID will come in time, we're not going to rush that and get a game that can only run at 720/30 or something similar, next gen has to look and feel like 'next gen' for us."

Codemasters announced GRID Autosport this morning, revealing the first gameplay footage, screenshots and pre-order exclusive Black Edition.

Autosport's next-gen absence means that the first PS4 and Xbox One game from Codemasters will likely be this year's Formula 1 title, which is expected to boost the frame rate to 60fps.

DiRT 4 is probably in the works, too...