Why God of War’s combat changed for its PS4 debut

Why God of War’s combat changed for its PS4 debut
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God of War developer Sony Santa Monica Studio has revealed that the series’ limb-ripping combat system was in need of a shakeup after seven games featuring the same core mechanics.

Speaking with GameSpot, game director Cory Barlog said that the development team needed to take up a new challenge for the PlayStation 4-exclusive action title, much like how the situation was when the original God of War was in the early stages of development some 15 years ago.

‘Looking at the new God of War, we need a chance to show what we’ve learned over the last decade. So I didn’t want to change it for the sake of changing it, I wanted it to reflect how all of us [at the studio] have grown up. What we play is different. God of War is a reflection of what we play,’ he said.

Barlog went on to credit Resident Evil 7: biohazard as an example of how a developer can take an established franchise but implement new ideas to keep things fresh. After all, Resi 7 introduces a first-person view into the mix for the first time in the survival horror series, yet it was met with huge success. 

He said that Capcom’s Texas Chainsaw-inspired horror sequel ‘shows that creators with a very strong vision and a really good team can make these bold decisions and have the audience follow them, even if they are resistant at the beginning.’

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