Where the Water Tastes Like Wine will be bringing its unique blend of American folklore-based adventuring to PC on February 28, Good Shepherd Entertainment has announced. In case you forgot, it's the game that features dad rocker Sting as a talking fox

The title has pretty unique concept in that it revolves around telling stories and travelling across North America, exploring its rich history and culture. It also features some sumptuous visual work designed by Kellan Jett and Serenity Forge, and is backed up by a cast of eclectic characters featuring their own 'deeply personal tales.'

Aside from Sting, Where the Water Tastes Like Wine also features key performances from the likes of Dave Fennoy, Cissy Jones, Kimberly Brooks, and many more. In addition to the standard £14.99 version of the game, you can also snap up a special Wayfarer Edition for £19.69 featuring a digital soundtrack and art book.

Check out the latest trailer below.

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