Imogen Donovan by on Dec 13, 2019

Weird West is a new supernatural shoot-’em-up from former Arkane devs

Weird West, the debut title from WolfEye Studios, was revealed last night at The Game Awards and it looks to be a smart and supernatural immersive sim in the Wild West (via Polygon). 

It’s a “dark fantasy reimagining” of the American frontier, wherein mortals and strange beings walk the earth and are pushed together by unknowable forces. A gang of unconventional heroes will be “written into legend” through the actions and consequences that the player will take. WolfEye Studios’ new role-playing game takes an isometric perspective and paints its characters and environments with a cool, cold, cel-shaded style. And, it features ominous cultists, ritual symbols, werewolves, shootouts, and lots and lots of blood. 

Weird West will let its players “form a posse or venture forth alone,” and the developer stressed that “each journey is unique.” Devolver Digital is publishing, but we don’t know when the game is launching nor for which platforms. We’ll keep you in the loop once we receive an update. Check out the reveal trailer below.



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