Ever wondered what Gears of War's Marcus Fenix would look like if he were to dance to Unreal Tournament 3's "Go Down"? Well you'll no longer have to use your imagination as former film animator Tal Peleg has made it a reality.

Peleg writes: "Around fall of 2008 I rigged and animated this to the track of UT3′s 'Go Down' (3DSmax). It wasn't very intuitive to animate with unfortunately, but I thought it reached a fairly presentable point. Seems like it meshes well as Marcus dances to one of the more awesome techno tracks of the Unreal universe."

Shortly after making the video Peleg moved into the video games industry, working on Dead Space 2. He then moved to Naughty Dog as a senior cinematic editor.

So popular was the video at Epic that the studio decided to share it with the Gears of War community.

Source: epicgames.com