Watch Dogs 2's first DLC pack, the T-Bone Content Bundle, will now release on PlayStation 4 next Thursday, December 22, and on Xbox One and PC on January 24, Ubisoft has announced. It had previously been due to arrive on PS4 tomorrow, and on other platforms 30 days later.

The delay comes as a result of the game's launch issues, which saw Ubisoft take development resources away from the DLC and into resolving a problem with the game's seamless multiplayer.

Watch Dogs 2 Screenshots

Nevertheless, the content will be ready next week, Ubisoft says, with it set to offer up T-Bone's car-crushing school bus, a new Mayhem co-op challenge and a new Grenadier enemy type. 

In addition, a four-week T-Bone Chaos Event will be available to all players for free from next Monday, December 19, introducing new challenges from which players can earn in-game currency and unlock in-game rewards.

The T-Bone Content Bundle has yet to be priced, but if you have the Season Pass you'll be able to download it at no additional cost.


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