Warzone 2 instant death bug is causing players to skip the downed state

Warzone 2 instant death bug is causing players to skip the downed state
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A small number of Warzone 2 players are currently suffering a nasty bug that sees them instantly killed off and causing frustration in the community.

The bug is being investigated, and thankfully isn’t effecting everyone; but is effecting enough players that it’s been added to the game’s Trello board by Raven Software.

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Here’s what we know so far.

Warzone 2 instant death bug explained

Normally, when players lose their health in a game of Warzone 2, they go into a ‘downed’ state. They can’t shoot with anything but a pistol, but can crawl around at a reduced pace – and a timer appears.

If a squadmate can get to them before this timer expires, they should be able to revive them (as long as they’re not interrupted), and give them the opportunity to return to the fight.

If they don’t get revived in time, the player gets sent to the Gulag, where they have the chance to be respawned, should they win a 2v2 battle – or all four players kill the NPC Jailer.

If successful, they get redeployed back onto the battlefield for another shot at life. However, they only get this opportunity once. If they get killed again, they are downed once more, and then eliminated.

However, with this bug, players who return from the Gulag – and then subsequently get killed – are finding they’re not entering the downed state to be revived. Rather, they’re instantly killed and fully eliminated from the game.

Is there a fix for the Warzone 2 instant death bug?

At the time of writing, there’s no fix for the bug. However, Raven Software have acknowledged the issue & say they are currently ‘investigating’ the bug, and will hopefully update when there’s a solution.

Until then, you’ll just have to play as best you can – and be even more cautious if you’ve just returned from the Gulag.

Of course, it’s early days and the game’s first weekend – so there’s bound to be a few issues that the teams are trying to squish like moles as they crop up. This seems a fairly significant one, so hopefully there’ll be a solution soon.

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