Warhawk 2 rumours have cropped up on Saudi website NC4A, which reports the sequel will feature a story mode and cooperative play.

NC4A claims to have had hands-on time with the game during a secret SCEA event for the unannounced game.

In addition to a new story mode - something missing from the first Warhawk title on PS3 - expect 32 players to battle online across a range of 25 maps. In addition to the Warhawks, players will also have access to military vehicles including tanks, motorcycles and other aircraft.

The game's visuals are also said to be improved over the first game.

Given that the info comes through a crude Google translation we'd take the info with a pinch of salt for now. However, if the game was shown at an exclusive SCEA event then it's likely it won't be long before official details are released.