Critically-acclaimed RTS Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War has become the latest game to be added to the Humble THQ Bundle.

The game, developed by Company of Heroes developer Relic, joins previous new additions Titan Quest and Red Faction Armageddon DLC Path to War in the pay-what-you-want bundle, alongside other THQ big hitters Saints Row: The Third, Darksiders, Metro 2033 and CoH.

It's the Game of the Year Edition, too, meaning you'll get the base game plus eight additional maps and bonus online modes.

Dawn of War is available to those who pay (or who have already paid) more than the average amount pledged. At the time of writing, the average was $5.68 (£3.53).

Almost 80,000 Humble THQ Bundles have been sold so far, raising $4.48 million. The promotion is due to end at midnight tomorrow.

Source: Humble THQ Bundle