Speaking in an interview with GameSpot, Sams discussed the recently announced legendary Pictures Warcraft movie deal with. One thing for sure is that Blizzard fully intends the movie to be great.

"We're not trying to take what we've done and... try to make a literal translation to the big screen," said Sams. "What we want to do is to make a great movie that happens to be set in a video game universe. That's a differentiator, and a key differentiator."

Warcraft fans will be pleased to hear that Blizzard has the ability to approve or disapprove the screenwriter for the project. Sams says that "We'll have a lot of input and say as to what the screenplay ultimately ends up looking like. And we feel really good about that."

Speaking about what to expect from the film, Sams says that the Blizzard team "joke around internally that we want to fall somewhere between Braveheart and Lord of the Rings." Speaking of Lord of the Rings, Sams says that Peter Jackson would "kick ass" as the director of the Warcraft movie, "But, you know, whether we can get him or whether he'd be interested is, you know, who knows?"

Those eager to see how the Warcraft movie turns out are in for a bit of a wait. With the whole process having only just begun, a finished movie could well be several years away. Sams said that it won't be rushed, and would only be released "when it's right."

You can check out the full interview over on GameSpot.